Odqa aims to become a world-leading concentrated solar power plant developer.  Like our competitors, controlling a key piece of IP within the plant layout will allow us to forward integrate into development and deploy Odqa-powered CSP plants worldwide by 2027. 

Odqa’s receiver will progress through the normal stages of the Technology Readiness Levels to reach commercial maturity.  The receiver is currently at TRL 3-4. A proof of concept prototype is being modelled, analysed, and built to be validated by the end of Q3 2019.  

Starting in Q4/2019, we will begin system integration, in which we build a more sophisticated version of the prototype and demonstrate the connection competence to the other subsystems.  Around Q3/2021, we will begin designing a pilot plant to demonstrate complete system and operational reliability on a scale of 5 MWth. This will validate the operational reliability of our technology and pave the way for financing of Odqa-powered CSP plants.