The term renewable energy refers to energy sources that are in nature and are renewed in whole or in part, in particular, the energy of running or still water, wind, solar energy, biomass, geothermal energy, and so on. The use of these sources contributes to the more efficient use of resources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of fossil fuel imports, development of local industry and job creation. Renewable energy technologies are clean, which have a much less environmental impact than conventional energy technologies.

Unlike their non-renewable counterparts, the vast majority of renewable energy sources are variable in nature. This variability problem creates a market need for dispatchable renewable resources.

Odqa is working on a specific technology for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry which makes the power plants more efficient.

Energy experts estimate 2 trillion dollars worth investment in the CSP market in the next 30 years. Odqa is uniquely positioned to capture a major portion of this opportunity with its aerospace technology receiver.

Odqa’s world-renowned Oxford aerospace product team is developing one-of-a-kind ultra-high temperature solar receiver product capable of producing up to 1,500 °C hot gas, unlocking high-temperature power cycles and high-temperature industrial process heat.

Odqa aims to become a world-leading concentrated solar power plant developer after a five-year development timeline followed by three-year deployment phase.  Like our competitors, controlling a key piece of IP within the plant layout will allow us to forward integrate into development and deploy Odqa-powered CSP plants worldwide by 2027.